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The Extensive Online MANDALA

Certified Course


“Mandala Art” is a therapeutic and a sacred art form. "Mandala" is a sanskrit word which means circle. It is an ancient art form and has been widely practiced throughout the world irrespective of any religion. It is a soulful art, and by practicing it in our day to day life it brings in positivity both within ourselves and as well in the surroundings. It helps in both physical and mental well being.

The ONLINE Mandala Certified Course" is designed to have a one on one workshop experience,

wherein the student will be taught everything they wanted to know about MANDALAS, from creating patterns, basic Mandala outline and meaning behind creating each stroke, advancing further in making a complex yet meaningful and harmonious Mandala.


"The ONLINE Mandala Certified Course" is categorized under three COURSES,

with further sub-division of levels under each course.


This is a Copyright Course, structured by Zareen Taj Hidhayath (Artist at Zareen's Art),

meant only for educational purposes, using the course structure/materials to host your own workshop/course/business without asking prior permission is strictly prohibited.


Pattern making - 360mins

Level 1 - The Foundation Level : Basic Pattern making.

Level 2 - Advance Pattern Making


Basic Mandala Course - 180mins


Advance Mandala Course - 480mins

Level 1 - Mandala with pen and ink

Level 2 - Working with Colours

A certificate will be issued only upon completion of all the Courses.

At the end of the course the student will be well versed in creating their own signature Mandala,

which dictates specific meaning behind creating the same.





The classes will be hosted via WhatsApp/Skype, whichever mode is convenient for the student.



Date/time will be discussed and finalised prior to payment.

The students are kindly requested to stick to the allocated date/time and to avoid making any changes unless or otherwise there is any emergency.

There are 5 packages designed based on the above course structure and you may choose any package as per your convenience.


Package 1*:  COURSE 1


Package 2*: COURSE 1 + COURSE 2 

Package 3*: COURSE 1 + COURSE 2 + COURSE 3(Level 1)

Package 4*: COURSE 1 + COURSE 2 + COURSE 3(Level 2)

Package 5*: - COURSE 1 + COURSE 2 + COURSE 3(Level 1 + Level 2)


*Fees/ detailed course structure will be sent to the registered mail ID of the selected applicants upon successful registration and further communication on the same will be made

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