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Duration 180mins - 60mins* online class( Tutor - Student session), 120mins* offline class

(Student practice session)

Materials Needed : Paper, Reference sheets, Pen, pencil, eraser, sharpner, Ruler, Compass and Protractor ( further details about pen/pencil thickness, brand of pen/pencil to be used and other details on instruments will be intimated prior to the beginning of class)


You can take up Course 2 only upon successful completion of Course 1.

In this Course we will be learning about What a Mandala is? - A brief history about Mandalas and its symbolic meaning - Purpose behind creating Mandalas - Meditative and healing properties of Mandalas.


We will then be moving on to create a basic Mandala outline, everything you wanted to know on how to create a perfect grid to lay your Mandala and how to outline patterns in the grid  by creating interest and harmony.


At the end of the course you will master the skills of laying that perfect Mandala Outline ready to be filled in with patterns/colours which dictates a specific meaning behind creating the same. Only upon successful completion of this level, we will advance further to next level(Course 3), in which you will be attaining a self satisfaction/completion. 


*The time frame may vary from student to student.

Extensive online Mandala course

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