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"An architect for nearly a decade, I found solace and content in life creating Mandalas. My art is a work of inspiration from life, its assorted teachings and my father's persona. This meditative art form has gone beyond being just that to being my way of life.

Zareen's art is native, hand drawn and hand painted, with love for the art, care that is required for its making and patience which is a staple in creating any art work.

There is a lot that goes into each piece of my art, right from conceiving the concept in the mind, translating it into the real world and making a quintessential finished craft.

I personally handpick the materials relevant to the concept and curate them from their most indigenous sources. Predominantly natural fabrics are sort after and I attempt to render them with my designs, in the process making sure to retain its innate character.


I have always believed that experimentation is the key to innovation, this primary concept is what forms the basis for all of my work, ergo, I persistently experiment with mediums, palettes, ideas and techniques to fabricate an exemplary piece of art.

All of my work has spanned over different mediums, from the humble paper to the dense wood and more.

Everyday I work further towards branching out the Mandala art form into various disciplines. Interior design, product design, apparel design, jewellery design are some of the varied collaborative ventures Zareen's Art partakes. 

Gazing into a Mandala, brings a state of tranquility to the mind and creating one has a greater effect on the over all holistic wellness of a person, for this cause, Workshops are orchestrated and conducted both personalized and in groups for all those who wants to begin their journey in this art form." 

For feedback, collaborations, purchases, bespoke art and more, connect.


Zareen Taj Hidayath

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