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at Zareen's Art Studio

Intensive ONLINE Course on Mandala and Symbols (IOMS) is an expert level course designed by Zareen Taj Hidhayath, Artist/Founder at Zareen's Art. In this course we will be studying about the meaningful symbols in detail and how to create a Mandala based on the sacred imagery.

It is a One on One course done over video call.


Meaningful symbols - Sacred Imagery:

Since ancient times humans have used symbols as a way of communication. These symbols are very powerful and a way to express own self. There are many universal sacred symbols that teaches us about the life on earth as well as our connection with the universe. Mandala by itself is a sacred symbol which symbolizes our connection with the universe.


In this course we will be learning about different symbols and how to construct a Mandala based on these meaningful symbols  using pen and ink as a medium.

Benefits of the Course:

| Inner Peace | Self healing and Self discovery | Positivity |

| Will guide you in leading a disciplined lifestyle | Immense knowledge |

| Improvising on your Artistic skills | Life time experience |


Criteria for enrolling in the course:

1. Age : Above 18 years

2. Must have completed "The Extensive ONLINE Mandala Certified Course" (EOMC) or

"The Extensive PRIVATE Mandala Certified Course" (EPMC) or

should have the basic knowledge about drafting a Mandala layout.

3. High level of patience and concentration

4. Basic Artistic skills


This course is not recommended for beginners. 

There are 5 different packages to choose from.

Fees and detailed course structure will be shared with the registered e-mail ID upon

submitting the enrollment form.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Slots will be reserved only on first come first serve basis. No cancellation or refund will be made once payment is done.


For any further queries please feel free to mail me at


This is a Copyrights ©️ reserved course, structured by Zareen Taj Hidhayath (Artist at Zareen's Art) meant only for educational purposes, using the course structure/materials to host your own workshop/course/business without asking prior permission is strictly prohibited.

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