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Level 1 : Mandala with pen and ink

Duration: 6 hours (3 hours/day), 2 days


You can take up Course 3 only upon successful completion of Course 1 and Course 2. Under level 1 in Course 3 we will be learning how to work with varied patterns in the previously done Mandala Layout in Course 2. You will be taught how to complete a perfect Mandala keeping in mind with the elements/principles of art. All the techniques required to bring out that perfect harmonious Mandala onto paper which creates positive vibes around you instantly. You will ultimately attain a sense of satisfaction and completion once you reach this level.


Level 2 : Working with Colours

Duration: 3 hours

This is the final Level of the Course. In this level we will be working with Mandala and Colours. Symbolic meaning of each colours and its significance in applying in the Mandala - Understanding the nature of colours - Colour wheel - Colour scheme - Techniques on using water colour. We will be laying out a basic Mandala and will then apply a specific colour scheme/design on watercolor paper. 

Extensive private Mandala course

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